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We Must Invent A Successful Business

By September 6, 2019January 17th, 2022No Comments

Disruption: Is Your Business Next?

Cities, industries, businesses are all facing technological disruption. The list of industries and services that are on the cusp of a technological disruption soon is staggering.

Forbes recently identified 10 industries and services undergoing a tech disruption that include:

Doctor’s office visits
Financial and legal services
Healthcare diagnostics
Data protection
Customer service
‘Paper Pushers’

You can probably think of services and industries to add to this list. It is endless. What about:

Real Estate
Roadside Assistance
Food Delivery
Grocery Shopping

Two Realities About Disruption

It doesn’t end with services and industries. We can add cities to the list. A politician recently said, “The current Baltimore cannot be fixed. However, a new successful Baltimore might be invented.”

Let’s start with two realities.

  1. The problem is bigger than we imagine; a lot of smart, decent, dedicated people have invested their lives and money in their businesses and have still been defeated by their problems.
  2. No business is immune from the impact of technology; however, some are more prepared for change more than others.

What Do We Do?

Faced with a problem this large, we can turn to two great leaders and their advice for solving really tough problems.

Albert Einstein said, “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”

President Eisenhower said, “Whenever I run into a problem I can’t solve; I always make it bigger.”

We should take the advice of Einstein and Eisenhower and make the problem of our businesses even bigger.


The Solution

You are not alone.

Every business is faced with the dilemma of how best to apply digital technologies to reimagine their businesses.

Sunil Gupta, in his book, Driving Digital Strategy, provides an actionable framework for reimaging your business. For over a decade, Gupta has studied Fortune 500 companies. He has learned what works and what doesn’t work. He says, “Merely dabbling in digital or launching a small independent unit, which many companies do, will not bring success.” Instead, Gupta says you need to fundamentally change the core of your business and ensure that your technological and digital strategy touches all aspects of your organization, including:

Your business model,
Value chain,
Customer relationships,
and company culture.

When applied, we can then take a dramatically new and different plan to guide our technological transformation and take advantage of the limitless opportunities the digital age provides.

Digital and technological transformation is no longer news — it’s a necessity. When we take this bold approach, we can then invent a successful business.

How We Can Help You?

If you have not considered working with a Managed Services Provider (MSP) in the past, it may be because you’re not sure of what they can offer to your business. Depending on the provider you choose, you can take advantage of a range of vital business services that can optimize or strengthen just about every part of your business.

Managed IT Services can offer help with any of the following:

This is not the limit of the technology solutions available from a Managed Services Provider, like Wright Business Technologies. As technology changes and advances, so do the solutions needed for your business, and a great managed services provider will constantly update their services.

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