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Need To Test A Business Idea? Here Are 5 Go-To Tools

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Test Your Business Idea

Know-how is what separates business leaders who perform and deliver results from those who don’t. It is the hallmark of people who know what they are doing.

But what often gets lost between our ideas and know-how is what I describe as the messy middle.

The messy middle is the part we don’t want to remember because it’s a reminder of our struggle, preoccupations, and emotions. But the messy middle contains ALL the discoveries, the know-how if you would, that built your capacity to see an idea through to success. It yields the unexpected bounty that is invisible to most others but makes all the difference.

So whether your goal is to —

find your dream customers

compete with rivals



or see your way through the hardest and most crucial part of any bold adventure —

here are five go-to tools that will help you get clarity, shorten learning curves, avoid costly mistakes, and find the right direction for your business idea. When fueled with your relentless determination, you can make something awesome.

5 Go-To Tools To Test Your Business Idea

1. Geru — The Funnel Simulator

Geru provides an online tool that lets you quickly model and simulate the potential profit of any business idea, sales, or marketing funnel. This simulator takes the guesswork out of planning and helps you avoid costly mistakes. It also will help you plan smarter and find hidden opportunities you may not have realized existed.

The Ultimate Funnel-Planning, Profit-Prediction & Simulation Tool — Mock-up business ideas. Simulate traffic. See the potential.


GERU is the world’s first Funnel Simulator that takes the guesswork out of planning profit-optimized funnels so you can optimize and grow your business as fast as possible.

2. Funnelytics

Funnelytics is the secret weapon to analyze and map your business idea process. It will track “live” data of how your idea is working across multiple marketing channels (i.e., social media, email, website pages, chat, etc.). There is no guessing. Get clarity before you even start to build your business idea. Set your goals and plan your profit.

  • Funnel IdeasFunnelytics provides a “vault” of the highest converting funnels they hacked. This gives you inspiration and ideas from top converting sales funnels on the internet — such as The Beard Club, Tony Robbins, Sean Vosler, Barkbox, Lady Boss, Linh Trinh, and more!
  • ForecastingCalculate key stats before you build your funnel to make sure the numbers work for your business idea.
  • Understand Your CustomerTrack what your visitors on your website are doing — buttons clicked, videos viewed, forms completed, links clicked, and more.
  • Visual Conversion PathSee conversion rates between pages and visitor actions directly on your funnel map — not a column in a spreadsheet.

3. Pipedrive

Pipedrive is the #1 sales CRM tool.

A common problem with most companies is lead generation, then followed by lead conversion. Pipedrive is the engine that drives lead conversion. It helps drive process and predictability aligning the buyer’s buying process with the company’s selling process, leading to higher sales conversion. It will also allow a business to automate repetitive administrative tasks and learn from artificial intelligence. If you want insight into how your business idea is tracking with your company performance goals, Pipedrive is the easy solution in time and money.

  • Manage Leads and DealsLeads get fed into your Pipedrive dashboard 24/7 from your website forms and chatbot.
  • Track All CommunicationsPipedrive tracks all communications including email, calls, web forms, chatbots.
  • AutomationPipedrive eliminates busywork by automating repetitive tasks and learns new tasks from artificial intelligence.
  • Mobile Apps and IntegrationsAccess Pipedrive from your mobile device and integrate with dozens of applications.

4. Mindmeister

Mind mapping is a technique that helps you visualize your thoughts and ideas in a fluid format and share them with others for collaboration.

The #1 online mind mapping tool, in my opinion, is Mindmeister.

Mindmeister will help you capture, develop, and share your ideas visually — online.

5. Evernote

Where do you capture your ideas? Evernote almost effortlessly captures notes, voice recordings, and pictures instantaneous. We are all deluged with data, and everything is important. Evernote helps you stay organized wherever you are from any device. You can even manage projects, deadlines, to-do’s, and collaborate with your team. Evernote is a way to keep your mind clear by storing all your data in a central hub for easy retrieval when needed.

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