About Wright Business Technologies

Wright Technologies is an outsource information technology service based in Texas equipped with employees who listen to you and help guide the long-term success of your business. Since 1992, we’ve specialized in helping businesses based in the Houston area with computer network support services; network and server infrastructure; wireless network design and implementation; and proactive maintenance and security plans. We’re dedicated to improving our clients’ strategic solutions and are committed to achieving clear results so they can work efficiently. Backed by responsiveness, expertise, and experience of our employees, we ensure only the best customer service.

We believe in helping our clients make sound IT choices in order to see maximum return on their investment. We provide solutions that we stand behind and believe will help your business.

We focus on providing timely, critical support; delivering sensible, cost-effective solutions; and offering you the peace of mind to run your business.

Wright Technologies’ mission is to deliver exemplary and unique IT solutions, while continually striving to exceed expectations.

When it comes to crafting the right solution, one size does not fit all. Our process involves tailoring a strategy for each client by evaluating their current technology landscape and providing an effective and affordable roadmap to reach their end goal. We call it approaching every situation with CARE:

Consult: We define goals based on your unique business, and explore how technology can help you achieve greater results.

Assess: Whether you have legacy systems or are starting from the ground up, we evaluate each individual environment to tailor a solution that fits you perfectly.

Recommend: We design solutions built for the long haul – ones that are scalable, robust, and cost-effective. We ignore the hype and focus instead on best-of-breed.

Execute: Our seasoned staff makes sure your project is executed to the highest standards, and our support team assures we’ve got you covered.


Exemplary and unique IT solutions

At Wright Technologies, we never install technology for technology's sake, nor do we recommend services that don’t benefit your business. As your partner, we craft individual solutions tailored to your company that will increase productivity and decrease costs. Our approach to each issue is on a case-by-case basis. We start the process by listening to your specific business needs and then executing a plan that delivers with these objectives in mind. We believe in helping you navigate towards sound choices in order for you to see maximum return on investment.

Timely, critical support

We pride ourselves on providing outstanding customer service. It’s a passion that extends beyond our line of work. It’s a philosophy that starts with treating our staff with respect and enthusiasm and continues to picking up the phone every time you call. We realize our organizational success is directly tied to the success of our customers. We do what we say and we believe in offering great service at a fair price. Unfortunately, there are glitches in technology from time to time, but our team is committed to delivering on our promise to help you in remedying problems.


Our business model is built upon treating your business like it is our own. As entrepreneurs, we understand that running a business is complex enough. Let us take care of your technology, so you can get back to growing your business. We stand behind our custom solutions. We don’t just talk the talk, we walk the walk and we are willing to put it in writing.

Central Masters Bidders List (1223888806400 / 47348)

Wright Business Technologies, Inc. is pleased to participate in the State of Texas’ CISV catalog program. We invite you to browse our list of equipment resources and to contact us should you have any equipment-related questions.

We’re happy to address any questions regarding equipment you’ve purchased from Wright Technologies.

Please call us for additional discounts your organization may be eligible to receive.

Please note: the equipment listed below comes with standard manufacturer warranty and without professional services from Wright Business Technologies, Inc. Please contact us for professional service information.

Statement of Guarantee

Wright Business Technologies, Inc. will make available replacement parts or equivalent products sold to the state for at least 3 years after the product is discontinued. If Wright Business Technologies, Inc is no longer working with that manufacturer we will make all reasonable and best efforts to put your organization in touch with the manufacturer directly.


Barracuda Networks

The power and reliability you need to reclaim and maintain control of your email, network and enterprise.

Class-Item Commodity Description
204 QComputer hardware and peripherals for microcomputers
204-13 QCables: Printer, Disk, Network, etc.
204-19 QCommunication Boards: Fax, Modem (Internal), etc.
204-42 QExpansion/Accelerator Boards: Hard Drive Controller Cards, Memory, Processor, SCSI, Video Cards, etc.
204-47 QIntegrated Hardware-Software I.T. Solution (Microcomputer)
204-53 QMicrocomputers, Desktop or Towerbased
204-60 QMonitors, Color and Monochrome (CGA, VGA, SVGA, etc.)